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It's Your Choice!

2B Mindset

Join me to learn how to reset the way we think about food, how to change our relationship with food to a positive one!

Join Ilana a registered dietitian who developed this program and also lost 100 lbs and kept it off!  This is not a quick fix it is a lifestyle change and something that you can implement into your life for good!  Want to know more?  Click on the online form below!

Ultimate Portion Fix

 I am sure you have seen these little coloured containers all over the internet!  These containers came on the scene 5 years ago along with the 21 Day Fix! they have been revolutionary in helping people reach their nutrition and weight loss goals.  After 5 years these little portion containers are getting a revamp!   Autumn Calabrese has had 5 years of experience talking with customers about their problems, helping them use the meal plan, and get the best results. She’s even become a certified holistic coach. So, she’s taking all that new knowledge and wrapping it up into this brand new premium nutrition program!

OK, you know I am ALL IN with this one!  Those portion containers have helped me and my FAMILY manage how we eat.  They take the worry out of how much to eat while making sure I am covering all the FOOD GROUPS. 

The choice is yours all programs come with both nutrition programs, let's chat and see which one will work for you!