with Meranie


by Meranie Plews

Commitment is so scary in every facet of our lives. But today, I wanted to talk about commitment to ourselves primarily and that scary word, EXERCISE. This my friends is a gift to us, to our bodies and well being.


So, why is it so scary? As with any commitment fear of failure is usually the biggest fear. What about disappointment with ourselves?


This takes some soul searching to figure out why you don’t want to make that commitment of exercise.

Here were mine;

  • Fear of failure as I have so many other times.
  • If at the gym I would be embarrassed if I couldn’t do what others were doing.
  • I didn’t feel like I belonged
  • I didn’t like being sore, which would cause me to give up within the first month.
  • Starting too many things at one time a new workout learning new techniques and figuring out how to eat properly.
  • Wasting money when you do stop!

So, what does that really mean? You are letting yourself down again! It makes you feel less than. So if you don’t start then you won’t have those feelings.

What if you didn’t have those misconceptions?

What if you had direction that if you followed it you could not fail?

What if you had support on those days that you thought you would fall off your program?

What if Nutrition was all set up for you?

Doesn’t seem as scary now does it? It’s not easy starting something new fear of the unknown is a real thing. I also believe that you must put some skin in the game, monetary compared to when you do something free off you tube because quitting something that is free is easy! When you have money in the game, you will try harder to commit.

For me, it was one step at a time, exercise with rest days at the beginning even if they weren’t in the program. Nutrition was adding one thing new for a week or so and then adding another, such as starting with a meal, then working on the balance of foods so you were getting everything you needed in a day.

Tracking everything to see not only what your doing but also seeing that your making progress.

It’s a process my friends and it doesn’t happen over night, there are no quick fixes but there are new ways of creating lifestyles that don’t scare us to death. One step at a time and you get to decide how fast or slow you want to go.

I wanted to write this post because I knew people would relate, I didn’t want this to be a sales pitch. But, I want to be here if you have questions or want to learn more about how I can help you with starting a new lifestyle I want to make it less scary because I have been where you are and I just want to help you START!

Not sure about who I am, please come and join me in my FREE Private Woman’s group in Facebook. It’s a fun group with lot’s of info, I hope to see you on the inside!