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May is such a wonderful month, the flowers are blooming and the weather is finally getting warm.  This is also when we start pulling out those summer clothes.  This is a love hate relationship for me, I love pulling out things and remembering how much I love them, I hate when somehow some of those things have shrunk while they were packed away, don't you just hate that!  Maybe it's time to drop those winter pounds or just continue maintaining a good health and fitness regime. 

Either way, starting something as important as committing to your health and fitness should be done when you are ready, it's about MINDSET and you being ready to create that lifestyle is crucial to your success.

If you feel that this is your time then I want to talk to you.  "Diets" has become a bad word so I decided to call it a lifestyle, which I feel is more appropriate word and allows us to create something we can work with, Treats? Wine? Uhhh Yes and Yes!  Of course if you want to see some results then all in moderation but if it's important to you then it needs to be worked into your plan. 

Drop me an email and let's talk about what works for you!